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Douthit's Radio Services

Douthit's Radio Communication Service is proud to be an Authorized Motorola Radio Dealer and a member of the Certified Service Center Program. We offer a variety of Motorola services to improve your radio communication efficiency. Since 1997 we have been providing quality Motorola service throughout Southeast Arkansas.

Our Motorola Service Department is supplied with state-of-the-art electronic testing equipment to guarantee dependable radio communication as well as quick repairs. As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, our Motorola Service Department uses only Genuine Motorola parts for repairs and offers a complete selection of Motorola Accessories to enhance your radio communication equipment.

As an experienced radio communication service provider, we know that finding the right communication equipment for your needs can be challenging. Give us a call and we will help solve your unique communication dilemmas, whether you are looking for pagers, dispatch consoles, repeaters, or two way radios. Our trained Motorola service technicians are on-staff and ready to find the right radio communication services for you. If your needs are temporary, visit our Radio Rentals page to learn more about rental services.

Whether you are looking for radio communication services for recreational or business needs, Douthit's Motorola service can help you. Take a look at our recommendations below for common industries or call us at 901-370-6330 to speak with a representative today.

Public Safety Motorola Services

Douthit's Radio offers many devices that will keep you focused on the mission at hand. Our Genuine Motorola service will ensure dependable radio communication that will not be a distraction. Security and event officials can also depend on our communication devices to ensure smooth operations and safe events. This combination of reliability and value can only be found at Authorized Motorola Dealer Douthit's Radio.

Heavy-Duty Motorola Services

Operating day-to-day procedures safely and efficiently in industries like manufacturing, transportation, and construction requires clear communication. In these industries where time is money, Douthit's Radio offers many two way radios that will improve real-time collaboration and increase productivity. As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, we provide the most durable radio communication services sure to get the job done.

Healthcare & Hospitality Motorola Services

Our lightweight and dependable two way radios and pagers improve response time and allow industry professionals to devote more effort to quality care. Let our trained radio communication technicians focus on your communication needs so you can focus on the needs of others.

Check out our Radio Specials to find great deals and rebates or call 870-535-3894 to speak with an Authorized Motorola Radio Dealer Representative today for more information on the radio communication services or products we provide to Arkansas and the surrounding areas.

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