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Motorola Solutions XPR3500 Portable Two-Way Radio

Motorola Solutions XPR3500 Portable Two-Way Radio



  1. XPR3500 Portable Two-Way Radio Spec. Sheet
  1. XPR3000 Accessory Catalog
  1. XPR3500 Users Manual
  1. MOTOTRBO Audio Position Paper
  1. MOTOTRBO Professional Series Radio Accessories Brochure
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  1. MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios At-A-Glance Brochure

The XPR3500 portable radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Motorola representative for additional information.

Get superb audio in a scalable portable that lets you migrate to digital at your own pace. The XPR3000 Series features Intelligent Audio and voice announcement for easy communication in challenging environments. With analog and digital capabilities and the ability to expand features with a simple software upgrade, you can transition to digital when you’re ready.
Available in UHF and VHF frequency bands, the XPR3000 Series radios feature three programmable buttons and are IP55 rated for dust and water protection.
Exceptional Design
The XPR 3000 Series offers a compact and lightweight design, making it comfortable for users to carry during long work shifts. Controls are designed to optimize ease of use, including an innovative new connector design that allows accessories to be securely attached and detached in seconds, without the use of any tools. The radio is also rugged and durable, and is rated IP55 for dust and water protection.
Industry-Leading Audio
When it comes to exceptional audio clarity, the quality of digital can't be denied. XPR3000 Series portables deliver digital quality throughout your coverage area plus unique features to help your employees hear and speak clearly, wherever they work. With Intelligent Audio, the radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise so workers don't have to adjust their radio volume to avoid missing a call in loud situations or disturbing others when they move into quiet places.
Analog and Digital Interoperability
Operates in both analog and digital modes. Features such as the dynamic mixed mode repeater streamlines automatic switching between analog and digital calls, meaning you only need one repeater to operate both modes.
Capacity Plus
(available with upgrade)
Opt for this single site, digital entry-level trunking system that maximizes the capacity of MOTOTRBO by connecting several repeaters together. You can use it for a high volume of voice and data communication and link over a thousand users at a single site without adding new frequencies. The Digital Voting option offers an enhanced level of coverage for wide areas and difficult geographies.
IP Site Connect
(available with upgrade)
Use your IP network to extend the voice and data capabilities of MOTOTRBO by linking repeaters together. You can create a continuous network that covers employees at 15 geographically-dispersed locations. You can also link up to 15 sites to create wide area coverage or enhance coverage at a single site that has physical barriers.
Linked Capacity Plus
(available with upgrade)
Expand the capacity and extend the coverage of MOTOTRBO with this multi-site, digital, entry-level trunking system. It leverages the high capacity of Capacity Plus with the wide area coverage capabilities of IP Site Connect to keep employees at many locations affordably connected.
Transmit Interrupt
(available with upgrade)
Enables a user to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it's needed.
Basic or Enhanced Privacy 
(Enhanced Privacy available with upgrade)
Built-in scrambling for increased security.


Price: Get a Quote
Type: Discontinued Radios
Manufacturer: Motorola Solutions
Model Number: XPR3500



Standard Battery Chemistry Type: Lithium Ion
4/5 Watt: Yes
Estimated Battery Life: 11.5 hours in digital mode, 8 hours in analog mode
Repeater Capable: Yes
Frequency Band: VHF, UHF wide-band
Power output: 1W/4W – UHF; 1W/5W – VHF

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery): 4.80 x 2.20 x 1.43 in. (122 x 56 x 36.4 mm)
Display: Limited, Monochrome (XPR 3500)
Weight (with standard battery): XPR 3500 - 10 ozs. (285g)
Keypad: Limited (XPR 3500)
Busy Channel Lockout: Yes
Call Tones: Yes
Channel Scan: Yes
Channel Spacing: 6.25, 12.5, 25
Missed Call Alerts: Yes
Group Call: Yes
Scan types: Normal, Priority, Dual priority, Nuisance channel delete, Talk group, All group, System, Home revert
Time Out Timer: Yes
Programmable Buttons: Yes
Signaling: MDC (Encode/Decode), Quik-Call II (Encode/Decode)
Lone Worker: Yes
Private Line: Yes
Transmit Interrupt: Yes
Call Forward: Yes
Caller ID: Yes
Number of Channels: XPR 3500 - 128
CPS (Customer Programming Software): Yes
One to One Calling: Yes
Phone Book: Yes
Talkaround: Yes
Voice Operated Transmit (VOX): Yes
Intelligent Audio: Yes
Voice Announcement: Yes
Monitor/Permanent (Sticky) Monitor: Yes
Digital Private Line: Yes
Enhanced Privacy: Optional
Digital Technology: Yes
System Type: Conventional, TDMA, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect
Mil Spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G
Noise Reduction Software: Yes
IP Standards: IP55
Standard Warranty: 2 years
Standard Package: Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery, IMPRES Single-Unit Charger, Standard UHF or VHF antenna,  Accessory Dust Cover, 2.5" Belt Clip (PMLN7008), User Guide.



  • PMAD4116 - VHF/GPS Combination Helical Antenna - 144‐165 MHz
  • PMAD4117 - VHF/GPS Combination Helical Antenna - 136‐155 MHz
  • PMAD4118 - VHF/GPS Combination Helical Antenna - 152‐174 MHz
  • PMAD4119 - VHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 136‐148 MHz
  • PMAD4120 - VHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 146‐160 MHz
  • PMAD4121 - VHF Stubby Antenna (160-174 MHz)
  • PMAE4069 - UHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 403-450 MHz
  • PMAE4070 - UHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 440-490 MHz
  • PMAE4071 - UHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 470-512 MHz
  • PMAE4079 - UHF/GPS Combination Whip Antenna - 403-527 MHz
  • 3201244001 - Gray Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244002 - Yellow Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244003 - Green Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244004 - Blue Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244005 - Purple Antenna ID Bands

Audio Surveillance

  • PMLN5724 - Black 2‐Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN5726 - Beige 2‐Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6129 - Black IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6130 - Beige IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6123 - Black IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6124 - Beige IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6127 - Black IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6128 - Beige IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit


  • PMNN4072A - Mag One 1300 mAh NiMH Battery
  • PMNN4406 - 1500 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • PMNN4407AR - IMPRES 1500 mAh Li-Ion Submersible Battery
  • PMNN4409 - IMPRES Li Ion, 2150 mAh, Hi‐Cap, Submersible (IP67) Battery
  • PMNN4435 - 1300 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • PMMN4407 - IMPRES Li-Ion 1500 mAh Submersible Battery
  • PMMN4406 - Slim Li-Ion 1500 mAh Submersible Battery
  • PMMN4409 - IMPRES Li-Ion 2150 mAh High Capacity Submersible Battery

Belts, Clips & Loops

  • 4280384F89 - Radio Pack Extension Belt
  • 4200865599 - 1.75" Leather Belt
  • PMLN4651 - 2" Spring Action Belt Clip
  • PMLN7008 - 2.5" Spring Action Belt Clip
  • PMLN5610 - 2.5" Leather Swivel Belt Loop
  • PMLN5611 - 3" Leather Swivel Belt Loop

Carry Accessories

  • HLN6602A - Universal Chest Pack
  • HLN9985 - Waterproof Bag
  • RLN4815 - Universal Radio Pack Utility Case

Carry Cases

  • RLN4570 - Universal Chest Pack
  • PMLN5863 - Hard Leather Carry Case with 3" Fixed Belt Loop
  • PMLN5864 - Leather Carry Case with 3" Fixed Belt Loop
  • PMLN5865 - Leather Carry Case with 3" Swivel Belt Loop
  • PMLN5866 - Leather Carry Case with 3" Swivel Belt Loop
  • PMLN5867 - Leather Carry Case with 2.5" Swivel Belt Loop
  • PMLN5868 - Leather Carry Case with 2.5" Swivel Belt Loop
  • PMLN5869 - Nylon Carry Case with 3" Fixed Belt Loop
  • PMLN5870 - Nylon Carry Case with 3" Fixed Belt Loop

Charger Accessories

  • NLN7967A - Wall Mount for IMPRES Multi-Unit Chargers
  • RLN5382 - Display Module for IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger
  • NNTN7677 - IMPRES Fleet Management Charger Interface Unit
  • NNTN8045 - IMPRES Fleet Management Charger Interface Unit


  • WPLN4212 - IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger
  • WPLN4219 - IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger with Displays
  • WPLN4232 - IMPRES Single Unit Charger
  • EPNN9288A - Rapid-Rate Charger Transformer
  • NNTN7392 - IMPRES Battery Reader
  • RLN6433 - Travel Charger
  • NNTN8275 - Single Unit Charger
  • NNTN8525 - Travel Charger


  • PMLN4620B - D-Shell Earpiece
  • WADN4190B - Receive-Only Flexible Earpiece
  • AARLN4885B - Receive-Only Covered Earbud
  • RLN4941 - Receive-Only Earbud
  • PMLN5732 - Mag One Earset
  • PMLN5733 - Mag One Earbud
  • PMLN5727 - Mag One Swivel Earpiece
  • PMLN6125 - Black Receive-Only Earpiece
  • PMLN6126 - Beige Receive-Only Earpiece


  • PMLN5731 - Dual Muff Over-the-Head Headset with Inline Push-to-Talk
  • PMLN6635A - Lightweight Headset

Misc. Accessories

  • RLN4460 - Test Box for Portables and Mobiles
  • HKVN4036 - IMPRES Fleet Management Entitlement Key
  • NLN9839 - Vacuum Pump for Field Install Kit
  • NTN4265 - Pressure Pump for Field Install Kit
  • HKLN4478 - Replacement Acoustic Tube and Earbud
  • PMLN6066 - Accessory Connector Dust Cover

Remote Speaker Microphones

  • PMMN4073 - IMPRES Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone
  • PMMN4071 - IMPRES Noise-Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone
  • PMMN4076 - Remote Speaker Microphone
  • PMMN4075 - Windporting Submersible Remote Speaker Microphone

Software Applications

  • NNTN7676 - IMPRES Battery Fleet Management Software
  • TRBORFID - MotoTRBO RFID Fleet Management System


  • 1505596Z02 - Replacement Strap
  • NTN5243A - Adjustable Black Nylon Carrying Strap
  • RLN4295 - Epaulet Strap with Clip
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