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Motorola Solutions Tri-Unit Charger

Motorola Solutions Tri-Unit Charger


This tri-unit charger enables you to conviently charge your SL series radio, a spare battery, and your Operations Critical Wireless accessories all at the same time. The drop-in radio charging pocket can charge either a standard or high-capacity battery. An easily accessible micro USB connector and a flexible length cable enable charging of other Operations Critical audio accessories.

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Type: Chargers
Manufacturer: Motorola Solutions
Model Number: PMLN6358



Dimensions (hxwxd): 93 x 52 x 113 mm

Charger Type: Non IMPRES

Number of Pockets: 3

Line Cord: US

Chemistry: Li Ion

Charge Rate: Rapid rate


Discontinued Radios

  • SL7550 - SL7550 Portable Two-Way Radio
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