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Motorola Solutions SL7590 Portable Two-Way Radio

Motorola Solutions SL7590 Portable Two-Way Radio



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  1. MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios At-A-Glance Brochure

The SL7590 portable radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Motorola representative for additional information.

From the concierge desk to the convention center, the MOTOTRBO SL Series portable radio keeps you instantly connected and in control. So incredibly thin and light, the SL Series is the ultimate in discreet communications. Versatile and powerful, the SL Series portable radio is designed to meet the communication needs of customers in the hospitality, services, security and airport industries. Weighing as little as your average smartphone, its slim design and forward-thinking features such as Intelligent Audio, integrated Bluetooth and covert mode, enhance your level of professionalism and discretion so you can provide superior customer service and faster response times.
With the MOTOTRBO SL Series, we’ve remastered digital two-way communications and redefined everything you expect radio to be. Our expanded and complete portfolio of MOTOTRBO portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters, accessories, data applications, software and services can transform your enterprise. The SL Series empowers your people with clearer voice, real-time data and discreet communications so they can collaborate like never before. That’s Digital Remastered.
Exceptionally Intuitive, Full-color Display
Features an enhanced 5-line display with a flexible menu-driven interface. Built-in photo sensor intuitively adjusts back-lighting on the screen to optimize viewing even in broad daylight. Night mode makes the screen easier to read in dark environments.
Best-in-class Audio
Dual front-facing speakers, plus unique features such as Intelligent Audio and customizable voice announcement to help you hear and speak clearly wherever your employees work.
Expand Capacity and Coverage
Experience the far-reaching coverage of MOTOTRBO. IP Site Connect uses the Internet to extend coverage to create a wide-area network, while Capacity Plus single-site trunking expands capacity to over 1000 users without adding new frequencies.
Share Information Instantly with Bluetooth Data
Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth data devices making it easy to share information real-time.
Flexible and Easy Text Messaging
Use text messaging when discretion is required or routine communication needs to be delivered without interrupting workers or guests.
Productivity-enhancing Data Applications
Features the industry's largest application developer program that offers customized data applications tailored to your business needs: location tracking, work order ticket management, Bluetooth data, email gateways, dispatch, telephony and man-down.
Covert and Discreet When It Counts
Make discreet communications easier; covert mode turns off the display, visible LEDs and audible tones. Vibrate alert is another option for discreet communications.
Freedom to Move Around
Experience convenient communications with Bluetooth audio embedded in the radio. Take advantage of Motorola's unique Operations Critical Wireless earpieces designed for easy, reliable wireless communications.
Increased Efficiency with Work Order Ticket Management
Read and respond to work order tickets at a glance and keep your business running efficiently.
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Type: Discontinued Radios
Manufacturer: Motorola Solutions
Model Number: SL7590



Frequency Band: 900 MHz (SL7590)
Frequency Range: 896-902 MHz and 935-941 MHz (SL7590)
Repeater Capable: Yes
Power Output: 2W and 1W (SL7590)
Estimated Battery Life: 11.5 hours in digital mode
Standard Battery Chemistry Type: Lithium Ion
2 Watt: Yes
Available Option Board: Yes
Emergency Button: Yes
Keypad: Full
Display: Full
Weight (with standard battery): 5.39 oz (153 g)
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery): 4.76 x 2.17 x .68 in. (121 x 55 x 17.4 mm)
Transmit Interrupt: Yes
Voice Announcement: Yes
Vibrate Alert: Yes
Intelligent Audio: Yes
Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth audio, Integrated Bluetooth data
Programmable Buttons: Yes
Voice Operated Transmit (VOX): Yes
Time Out Timer: Yes
Talkaround: Yes
Text Messaging Capable: Yes
Scan Types: Normal, Priority, Dual priority, Nuisance channel delete, Talk group, All group, System, Home revert
Phone Book: Yes
Group Call: Yes
One to One Calling: Yes
Missed Call Alerts: Yes
CPS (Customer Programming Software): Yes
Channel Spacing: 6.25, 12.5
Number of Channels: 1000
Channel Scan: Yes
Lone Worker: Yes
Caller ID: Yes
Call Tones: Yes
Call Forward: Yes
Busy Channel Lockout: Yes
Integrated Voice and Data: Yes
System Type: Conventional, TDMA, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect
Digital Technology: Yes

Mil Spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G
Noise Reduction Software: Yes
IP Standards: IP54
Standard Package: Lithium Ion 1800 mAh battery, plug-in charger, standard UHF antenna, carry holster, user guide, 2-year warranty plus 1-year Repair Service Advantage (US) / Extended Warranty (Canada)
Standard Warranty: 2 years



  • PMLN5993 - MotoTRBO Wireless Adapter with Touch Pairing


  • PMLN6040 - Antenna Mounting Kit
  • 3201244001 - Gray Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244002 - Yellow Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244003 - Green Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244004 - Blue Antenna ID Bands
  • 3201244005 - Purple Antenna ID Bands
  • PMAE4076 - UHF Antenna Kit - 420-445 MHz
  • PMAE4077 - UHF Antenna Kit - 438-470 MHz
  • PMAE4078 - UHF Antenna Kit - 403-425 MHz

Audio Surveillance

  • PMLN5957 - Single-Wire Surveillance Earpiece
  • PMLN6129 - Black IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6130 - Beige IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6123 - Black IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6124 - Beige IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6127 - Black IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • PMLN6128 - Beige IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit


  • HKNN4013 - Li-Ion 1800 mAh Battery
  • PMLN6000 - Replacement Battery Cover (Standard Battery)
  • PMLN6001 - Replacement Battery Cover (High Capacity Battery)

Belts, Clips & Loops

  • 4280384F89 - Radio Pack Extension Belt

Carry Accessories

  • RLN4815 - Universal Radio Pack Utility Case

Carry Cases

  • RLN4570 - Universal Chest Pack
  • PMLN5956 - Swivel Carry Holder
  • RLN6485 - Covert Pack-N-Go Carry Case
  • PMLN7040 - Soft Leather Carry Case


  • PMPN4009A - SL7550 Micro-USB Single Unit Plug-In Charger
  • PMLN5916 - 6-Pocket Multi-Unit Charger
  • PMLN6358 - Tri-Unit Charger
  • PMLN6701 - Tri-Unit Charger
  • PMLN6687 - Multi-Unit Charger


  • PMLN4425 - Earset Boom Microphone with Remote Ring PTT
  • 89409 - HK200 Commercial Bluetooth Earpiece
  • NTN2575 - Mission Critical/Operations Critical Replacement Wireless Earpiece - 9.5" Cable
  • PMLN5958 - Swivel Earpiece
  • PMLN6125 - Black Receive-Only Earpiece
  • PMLN6126 - Beige Receive-Only Earpiece
  • PMLN6397 - Replacement Swivel Earpiece for Bluetooth Accessory Kit


  • RLN6490 - XBT Operations Critical Wireless Behind-the-Neck Headset
  • RLN6491 - XBT Operations Critical Wireless Headband Style Headset


  • RLN4922 - Completely Discrete Earpiece Kit
  • NNTN8434 - Completely Discreet Wireless Surveillance Kit
  • RLN6500 - MotoTRBO Bluetooth Accessory Kit
  • PMLN7052 - Single-Wire Surveillance Kit w/ Inline Microphone

Misc. Accessories

  • NNTN8299A - NNTN8299A Replacement Eartips
  • PMLN6745 - Battery Cover


  • 1505596Z02 - Replacement Strap
  • PMLN6074 - Nylon Wrist Strap

System Applications

  • TRBOANYWHERE - MotoTRBO Anywhere

Wireless Bluetooth Accessories

  • NNTN8125 - Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece with 12" Cable
  • NNTN8126 - Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece with 9.5" Cable
  • NNTN8127 - Operations Critical Wireless PTT Pod
  • NNTN8294 - Wireless Bluetooth Earbud with 11.5" Cable
  • NNTN8295A - Wireless Bluetooth Earbud with 45" Cable
  • NTN2570 - Bluetooth Mission Critical Wireless Earpiece with 12" Cable
  • NTN2572 - Mission Critical Replacement Wireless Earpiece with 12" Cable
  • NNTN8385 - Wireless Neckloop Y-Adapter and Retention Hook

Wireless Data

  • CB3000 - CB3000 Client Bridge
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