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Motorola Solutions Operations Critical Wireless PTT Pod

Motorola Solutions Operations Critical Wireless PTT Pod


The MOTOTRBO Operations Critical Wireless push-to-talk (PTT) pod is the fast and flexible way to seamlessly and wirelessly access the push-to-talk button with any Bluetooth earpiece connected to your MOTOTRBO radio. This wireless PTT pod is compact and lightweight, yet features a large, easy-to-access PTT button. This PTT pod is easy to put in your pocket or clip on a jacket. This pod can operate as a standalone wireless PTT pod or can be ordered as part of the Completely Discreet Wireless Surveillance Kit or ordered to power the Operations Critical Wireless earbuds NNTN8294 or NNTN8295.

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Type: Wireless Bluetooth Accessories
Manufacturer: Motorola Solutions
Model Number: NNTN8127



IP Rating: IP54

Battery Type: Lithium polymer

Operating Temperature: -30C to +60C

Dimensions (h x w x d): 70mm x 41mm x 19mm

Maximum Range: 10  meters (33 feet)

Motorola Wireless Category: Operations critical (non-secure)



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