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Motorola Solutions Charging Inserts

Motorola Solutions Charging Inserts


This is a set of 6 inserts that are compatible with the PMLN6588 and PMLN6597 multi-unit chargers. These inserts are compatible with CP200d, CP200.XLS, CP200, CP150 and PR400.

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Type: Chargers
Manufacturer: Motorola Solutions
Model Number: NNTN8460


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Analog Two-Way Portables

  • CP185 - CP185 Portable Two-Way Radio

Digital Portable Radios

  • CP200d - CP200d Portable Two-Way Radio

Discontinued Radios

  • PR400 - PR400 Portable Two-Way Radio
  • CP200 - CP200 Portable Two-Way Radio
  • CP200XLS - CP200XLS Portable Two-Way Radio
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